Sunday, 23 March 2014

Blogger changes to "Follow/Join this Site" button...

Hi my lovelies :-)
Ok, I know by now I am not the only that notice the change (an annoying one at that) with the "Join this site" button that you click to follow a blog you have interest in... so I was on my friend's/Design Team mate for Sparkle N Sprinkle page her name is Donna and she has found the solution to the problem (she's smart and resourceful) here is her post in detail if you are a visual learner on how to go about following your new blog of interest :-)
But basically after clicking the "Join this site" button, and the window pops up, on the right it'll give an error message saying "We are sorry... we are unable to handle your request at this time. Please try again later."  Aaah people there is no later! lol.. So, just ignore that and on the left bottom where it has the "Follow this blog" button... next to it has "more options" click on more options. This will then open another window which shows on the bottom left a gray "Follow" button, click it and you are done!
Please spread the word as I am thinking that there are many frustrated friends out there that wants to know "what's going on?!?!!" and also, trying 'back later' as Blogger suggested (which we know is not happening).
Ok my lovelies talk to you soon :-) and thanks to Donna for preventing some pulling of  hair etc. in frustration LOL...

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  1. you are sooooo sweet, Miss Steff! I hope this tidbit helps your followers! hugs, de


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